About US

About Us

Welcome to MaGerk's Pub & Grill, established in 2000 by John and Paul Dolaway. MaGerks Pub gets its name from John Dolaways' three daughters. He took the first initials from their first and middle names and arranged them to get MaGerk(s). It was the perfect name for the Pub. John was determined to have the best Cheesesteaks outside of Philly and the Dolaways had a vision for Philly Cheesesteaks in a gentrified neighborhood of Baltimore called Federal Hill.

Finding a great location next to The Cross Street Market, they under went renovations on an old beat up building. The outcome was a shiny new pub on the corner of Charles Street and Cross Street. MaGerks Pub became a popular watering hole for the post-collegiate, young adults moving to the area. In 2002, when the bar next door to them posted a for sale sign, it was an easy purchase. The expansion made MaGerks Pub even more popular. The popularity of the Philly Cheese Steaks was becoming legend in Baltimore. Our secret to a great Cheese Steak is the roll. The rolls have a nice crusty outside and a soft center. This is the perfect balance for the steak and the cheese. The rolls are delivered everyday.

In 2006, the Dolaways opened a second location in Bel Air, Maryland. This time, the location was even bigger. MaGerks Pub in Bel Air has a full menu in addition to the famous Cheesesteaks. There is a spacious patio, 4 bars, and tons of tables for dining. This location is also popular for hosting private events. There are several rooms that can be rented for all types of occasions.

In 2009, the Dolaways were at it again. This time they headed home to Pennsylvania. The location they found was a historic pub known as the Bent Elbo located in Fort Washington. They quickly renovated the legendary building and put the MaGerks Pub touch on it. This venue is now flourishing with new life and a bustling crowd hungry for their hometown favorites. Never satisfied with the status quo, the Dolaways looked for another location in Pennsylvania. 

In 2014, MaGerks Pub opened its doors in Horsham, PA. The building renovations on a former nursery are some that you have to see for yourself! Boasting reclaimed wood throughout the restaurant and Carrara marble bars, it's a beauty! Large and spacious, including three bars and a wrap-around 2nd story loft, Horsham has space for everybody at their table! Check out their menu, complete with items from other local businesses such as cult classic LOCHEL'S Bakery!

In 2017, The Dolaways were moving one of their daughters into her Freshman Year at Elon University. Scouting out the local bars while he was here, he noticed a corner building, formerly known as West End, had gone out of business. With Elons small town feel, and a location right in the heart of Elon, he decided it was a great location for Magerks, and a great place for his daughter to pick up a couple shifts here and there! In the Fall of 2018, Magerks opened our doors to the Elon community.

In 2021, The Dolaways found a beautiful building in Lionville, Pennsylvania, and decided to make this their 6th Magerks, their third in PA. Featuring a beautiful Wrap around bar, lots of TVs for all the gameday action, a beautiful patio with space for the whole crew, and a firepit for those cold Philly Winters. We are excited for you to visit our newest location!

Each location proudly boasts large, black and white pictures that are submitted to Magerks before they open. These go around the entire restaurant and show off the community that surrounds that specific Magerks Location. Take a look at the images next time you're at Magerks. You may see yourself or someone you know!

No matter which location you visit, you can feel the Philadelphia brotherly love in the Cheese Steaks, atmosphere, and pride in fresh homemade ingredients and menu items!

Head to your local MaGerks! Two Locations in Maryland, Three Locations in Pennsylvania, & one in North Carolina on the beautiful Elon University Campus!

Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks, Jumbo Crab Pretzels, Famous Tempura Pickles. and you gotta try our NACHOS!

Huge local craft beer selection, fresh squeezed crush cocktails, and more --- you won’t be thirsty!

Catch all your favorite sporting action at MaGerks -- each location boasts tons of TV's & an awesome hometown crowd! Every spot is the best spot to watch the game!

No matter which location you visit, you can feel the Philadelphia brotherly love!