image Borislav Veselin

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image Thomas Malazita

Great service and great food and beautiful people to wait on you I love it there

image David Mattson

I had hot wings and cob salid. the wings were good and the salid was large, fresh, and very good. Service at the bar was great. Very attentive . Didn't wait long for food and whenever drink was low they were quick to check if I needed anything. defi ... Read more

image John Ruch

The service was excellent the food was great

image Anne Marie Cuthbertson

Great food and atmosphere! Friendly servers too! My only complaint is the lobster roll! My husband like it a lot, but $22 is a little pricey…

image Sal Ann

After a looong wait because of the pandemic me and my husband had dinner with two of our oldest and dearest friends. We asked the hostess for a table where the noise level was at a minimum and she gladly accommodated us. The appetizers were amazing a ... Read more

image Eleanor Weiss Santoro

It's a great place to chill and get some delicious snacks and drinks.

image Wes Waninger

Relaxed atmosphere. Friendly staff. Great food. Cold beer.